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Brightworks develops Rich Internet Applications that Entice, Inform & Empower Users

Technology is continually evolving. Businesses and users are coming to expect that applications will be both web-enabled and easy to use.

We design and implement solutions that meet these needs. We created our first Rich Internet Application (RIA) in 1999 (long before the term was invented) using Macromedia's Shockwave technology. We now specialize in the use of Adobe Flex to create RIAs and Adobe AIR to create web-enabled desktop and mobile applications.

Advantages of Adobe Flex & Adobe AIR

We recommend Adobe's Flex and AIR technologies because they offer these advantages:

Working With Other Technologies

While Flex and AIR are great technologies, they aren't the whole answer in many cases. One of the great things about Flex is that it works harmoniously with AJAX and server-side technologies such as Java, .NET, PHP, etc.

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