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Technology :: Adobe Flex :: Code


There is a lot of sample code available through other pages on this website. For example many of the components and RIAs we've linked to have source code.


AMF Specification

Pete Farland :: Using AMF with

Ted Patrick :: The ABC's Of AMF


Go ActionScript Animation Platform


APIs, Frameworks, Toolkits

AlivePDF :: Client side AS3 PDF generation :: More info

Amazon S3 :: as3awss3lib

Adobe :: Alchemy :: "allows users to compile C and C++ code into ActionScript libraries"

Adobe :: Cocomo :: A platform/service that allows Flex developers to easily add real-time social capabilities, including:

Adobe :: Text Layout Framework

Digg :: Flash toolkit

eBay API

eBay Flex Toolkit

FedEx :: as3fedexlib

Flex 3 Language Reference

Flickr :: crossdomain.xml

Google Analytics ActionScript API

Google Analytics PHP API

Google Earth API

Google Feed API

Google Gears :: Also, see the Google Gears section below

Google Language API

Google Maps API :: And a Flex Component :: Also, see the Mapping section below

Google Search API



Moccasin :: A Flex framework for graphical editing apps :: More info

ModestMaps :: Create tile-based maps, from sources such as OpenStreetMap, NASA Blue Marble, Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, and others


ObjectHandles :: More info

Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Maps

Yahoo Search

Yahoo Weather


Eric Feminella :: Local Persistence API


See our Architecture page.



Andrew Trice :: More Fun With Sound Visualizations


André Michelle

Automated Code Generation

Derick Grigg :: Value Object Creator :: "Allows you to easily convert database entities to AS3 classes"

Eric Feminella :: Cairngen

Farata Systems :: daoFlex :: Automated generation of Java, ActionScript, MXML, & Config file code

Joe Berkovitz :: asbeans: A Sample Hamachi Module for ActionScript Codegen

Tom Cornilliac :: Flex Builder Tip: Saving the generated AS3 code :: Use the compiler's -keep option, examine your MXML's AS3 code conversion!

Tyler Beck :: Cairngorm Creator

Victor Rubba :: amfphp/flex/cairngorm Codegen

WebORB for Java :: Flex and Flash remoting code generator supports Cairngorm, PureMVC

XDoclet2 :: Automatically generate ActionScript classes (and much more) based on Java classes


Christian Cantrell :: Manual Data Binding in Flex

Daniel Rinehart :: Programmatic Bindings

Data Binding Using WebORB's Flex Remoting Code Generator


Ralph Hauwert :: Autocomplete component memory leak

Charting Components

Adobe :: Chart data drill down examples

Doug McCune :: Why I LOVE Flex - Charting example

Coding Conventions

Adobe :: Flex SDK coding conventions and best practices

DClick :: Adobe Flex Coding Guidelines

Collections, Libraries & Frameworks

Adobe :: AIR Developer Center

Adobe :: Alchemy :: Use C & C++ code in Flash/Flex apps

Adobe :: as3awss3lib :: An AS3 library for accessing Amazon's S3 service

Adobe :: as3corelib :: Image encoders; string, number & date APIs; MD5 hashing; JSON serialization

Adobe :: as3exchangelib :: A library for talking to Exchange servers

Adobe :: as3fedexlib

Adobe :: as3nativealertlib :: Creates native alerts for AIR applications

Adobe :: as3notificationlib :: "add cross-platform notifications to your AIR application ... the dock icon bouncing and the taskbar icon flashing ... allows you to easily create alert pop-ups"

Adobe :: as3preferenceslib :: An AIR library for storing preferences ... deals with persistence & encryption

Adobe :: as3syndicationlib :: "parse Atom and all versions of RSS easily ... hides the differences between the formats"

Adobe :: Flex Cookbook beta

Adobe :: Flex Developer Center

Adobe :: Flex Scheduling Framework

Adobe :: Quick Starts :: Great stuff

Adobe :: RSS and Atom Libraries

Adobe Labs :: Flex

Christophe Herreman :: Prana Framework

Danny Patterson :: AS3 Lightweight Remoting Framework :: "a simple yet robust framework for handling remoting calls"

Faranta Systems :: daoFlex :: Automated generation of Java data access code

JAM :: Just ActionScript & MXML


C & C++

Adobe :: Alchemy :: "allows users to compile C and C++ code into ActionScript libraries"

Compiler (the Flex compiler)

Adobe :: Flex 3 Compiler Design

Brian Deitte :: Flex Compiler Resources

Brian Deitte :: Speeding Up Builds with the Flex Compiler Shell


Bruce Eckel :: Creating Flex Components

Ely Greenfield :: Some thoughts on Flex vs. HTML (or…”how I made my Flex List Images stop flickering.”)

Stephen Gilson :: Creating Resizable and Draggable Flex Components

Context Menus

Kevin Hoyt :: Context Menus Revisited

Database Connectivity

Lukasz Blachowicz :: Asql :: Actionscript MySQL Driver

Matt MacLean :: asSQL :: Actionscript MySQL Driver

WebORB for Java - WebORB Data Management for Flex (WDMF)



Alex Harui :: Debugging Tips

Alex Uhlmann :: Using Binding Securely :: Touches (very briefly) on the use of BindingManager.debugBinding()

Andrew Trice :: ObjectUtil - Stop debugging the old way

Daniel Harfleet :: Debugging Flex and Java at the same time

Daniel Rinehart :: Debugging Bindings with BindingManager

Darron Schall :: How I Debug with Flex Modules

James Ward :: Debug Flex & Java Together in Flex Builder 2

Kyle Quevillon :: Getting the callstack trace to find out who called a function

Peter deHaan :: Debugging Flex Applications With mm.cfg And flashlog.txt

Renaun Erickson :: Flex Builder - What do the Icons in Variables View mean?

RIA AppPuncher Debugger :: Debugging Flex to Java applications

Robert Taylor :: Debugging Flex 2.0.1 Modules

Roman Dolgov :: Logging and Debugging deployed Flex applications

Sönke Rohde :: Stop tracing and start logging

Tom Cornilliac :: Flex Builder Tip: Saving the generated AS3 code :: Use the compiler's -keep option, examine your MXML's AS3 code conversion!


Mike Morearty :: Debugging Flex Applications :: PDF :: HTML


Client-Side Traffic Sniffers :: Charles :: Paros :: ServiceCapture

FlashTracer :: Firefox extension for displaying trace() output

Mike Nimer's Debug Component

Deep Linking

David Tucker :: Advanced Flex Deep Linking with URLKit

Drawing Etc.

Andrew Trice :: Flex 2 BitmapData Tricks and Techniques

Andrew Trice :: Realtime Thumbnails of Flex UIComponents :: More info

Ted Patrick :: Developing in Trees :: Adding sprites to the DisplayList :: Part 1 :: Part 2


Bruce Phillips :: Filtering an XML Object In ActionScript to Create Related Combo Boxes in Flex

Michael Labriolla :: Displaying XML-based DataGrids using dynamic E4X expressions

Mike Morearty :: Common E4X pitfalls


Eric Feminella :: Embedding assets with application/octet-stream :: How to embed file types that aren't natively supported by Flex, e.g. XML


Oliver Merk :: Flex Custom Events - Part 1

Tink :: Custom Events in AS 3.0 (don’t forget to override the clone method)

Google Gears

Google Gears :: "Three modules that address the core challenges in making web applications work offline"

Christophe Coenraets :: Flex-based SQLAdmin for Google Gears

Item Renderers

Alex Harui :: Thinking About Item Renderers

Lazy Loading

Andrew Trice :: Lazy-Loading Hierarchical Data

Localization & Foreign Languages

Brian Holmes :: FlexLingo :: Dynamic language translation using the Google Language API :: More info :: Demo

Christophe Herreman :: Flex 3 Localization

Gordon Smith :: Flex 3:Feature Introductions: Runtime Localization


Articles & Examples

Alex Styler :: Flex, Yahoo! Maps & RSS Feeds

Andrew Trice :: Census Mashups Using StrikeIron Web Services and Yahoo Maps in Flex 2

Andrew Trice :: Google Earth API + Flex :: Source code

Anupam Shah :: Missing CustomPointMarkerClick event workaround

Anupam Shah :: Multiple Instances of Yahoo Maps in a Single Page :: Part 1 :: Part 2

Anupam Shah :: Resizing the Map by dragging the container

Anupam Shah :: Show the marker on the map on the click on the map

Bruce Phillips :: Using The New Yahoo! Maps ActionScript 3 API - Create A SearchMarker Using Your Own Data

Christophe Coenraets :: Google Maps Collaboration using Flex, Flash Media Server and AJAX

Mansour Raad :: Making Great Mapping Mashups Using Adobe Flex

Neil Webb :: GoogleMaps 101


ModestMaps :: Create tile-based maps, from sources such as OpenStreetMap, NASA Blue Marble, Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, and others

Google Maps API

Yahoo Maps API


David Coletta :: Accelorator Decorations on Menus

Modularization, RSLs, Etc.

See our Architecture page.


See our Architecture page.

Physics Engines

Andre Michelle

Moto Flash Physics Engine


Sho Kuwamoto :: Advanced ActionScript Refactoring :: Intro :: Step 1 :: Step 2 :: Step 3


Timothée Groleau :: Scope Chain and Memory waste in Flash MX


Adobe :: Adobe Flash Security and Adobe Enterprise Solutions

@stake's Assessment

Uncategorized Code Examples & Tips

Alastair Dawson :: Multiple File Upload with Flash and Ruby on Rails

Andrew Trice :: Benefits of defining a custom event type for data binding :: E.g. "[Bindable(event="MyEvent")]"

Andrew Trice :: Flex Search Mashup :: Uses AJAX Bridge :: More info

Andrew Trice :: Gantt Charts in Flex DataGrids in less than 1 hour!

Angus Johnson :: Datagrid LabelFunction Demo

Arpit Mathur :: Showing XML structure in a Tree

Ben Clinkinbeard :: Item Renderers in DataGrids - A Primer for Predictable Behavior

Ben Clinkinbeard :: Creating truly reusable renderers with ClassFactory

Brian Deitte :: Embedding HTML in a Flex application using an IFrame

Bruce Phillips :: Creating A Flex ButtonBar That Displays Tool Tips

Bruce Phillips :: Creating Web Page and Email Links In A Flex Application

Bruce Phillips :: Dynamically Create CheckBoxes, Their Labels, And Their Select Values In Flex

Bruce Phillips :: Example Of Using Modules In Flex 2.01

Bruce Phillips :: How To Create A FlexBook Component That Includes Content Pulled From A Database

Bruce Phillips :: How To Get Text To Wrap Correctly In A Flex DataGrid Column

Bruce Phillips :: Sort An ArrayCollection By Multiple Fields and Filter An ArrayCollection By Multiple Fields In Flex

Bruce Phillips :: Using the TileList Control :: Dragging Items From a TileList Control To A Container

Christophe Coenraets :: Building Collaborative Applications with Flex Data Services and Flash Media Server

Christophe Coenraets :: Interactive Bubble Pipeline: Another Hybrid (HTML/Flex) Example

Daniel Wanja :: Flex introspection API: describeType(value:*):XML :: Find a class's superclass, methods, etc.

Darron Schall :: Convert Generic Objects into Class Instances

Dave Rangel :: A Form Validation Tool in Flex 2

David Coletta :: Call validateNow() after setting enabled to false

Derrick Grigg :: DataGrid ItemRenderer with filtering

Doug McCune :: Multi-line strings in Actionscript 3

Ely Greenfield :: Howdjoo do that? An interactive walkthrough of the DisplayShelf 3D tilting effect

Ely Greenfield :: Using Custom Data-Based Renderers in Charts

Ely Greenfield :: Dashed Lines

Fain, Rasputnis & Tartakovsky :: Advanced DataGrid Code Samples

Jesse Warden :: Checkbox Item Renderer :: Discusses how to catch their bubbling events

Joe Berkovitz :: An architectural blueprint for Flex applications

Joe Rinehart :: Semantically encapsulating effect sequences in Flex 2

Kelly Brown :: Accessing the Local File System with Flex

Mark Piller :: Mixing HTML and Flex using IFrame

Mark Piller :: RTMP Data Push from Java to Flex

Michael Labriolla :: Displaying XML-based DataGrids using dynamic E4X expressions

Michael Ramirez :: Flex DataGrid Paging Example with Source

Michael Ritchie :: Adding Drag-and-Drop & Drop Deny to DataGrid

Mike Morearty :: Transparent Flex Apps

Mike Teoti :: Flex 2 :: Tree :: Walking the Tree Method :: "the dataProvider rocks"

Paul Williams :: The World's Smallest Tag? :: <util:Observe source="{model.myProperty}" handler="{this.myFunction}"/>

Peter Elst :: Working with mx.core.Repeater

Peter Ent :: Coloring the Background of [DataGrid] Cells

Peter Ent :: Data Binding Tip :: "A simple way to enable/disable controls based on selection"

Peter Ent :: Filtering Collections

Peter Ent :: Tree Drag and Drop

Sergey Kovalyov :: Text control with truncateToFit property support

Renaun Erickson :: Flex 2 and Red 5 Chat Example :: Live example

Ted Patrick :: Code-Behind in Flex 2

Tink :: Drag & Drop

Tom Cornilliac :: Flex Builder Tip: Saving the generated AS3 code :: Use the compilers -keep option, examine your MXML's AS3 code conversion!

Tracy Spratt :: Add components programmatically with addChild()

Tracy Spratt :: Hide-Show DataGrid Columns programmatically

Tracy Spratt :: Dynamic DataGrid columns

Victor Rubba :: DataGrid Search with Highlighted Matches

Yakov Fain :: Event-driven programming in Flex with Custom Events