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Technology :: Adobe Flex :: Components, Widgets Etc.

Source code for most of these examples is available. Many of the "More info" links below offer source code. Also, you can obtain source code directly from most of the examples below by right-clicking on the Flex application, then selecting View Source from the context menu.

Directories & Lists Component Directory

AIR-Specific Components

See the Components section on our Adobe AIR page.


David Coletta :: Getting a bunch of components that work together to know about each other

Ely Greenfield :: Some Thoughts and examples on making Custom Flex Charts simpler

Mike Nimer :: CustomRowColorDataGrid component

Peter Ent :: DataGrid Tip: Row Background Color

Peter Ent :: Writing Flex 2 Components

Code Libraries

AS3 XIFF Implementation :: Add Jabber IM to your app!

FZip :: Parses Zip archives


FlexComponents mailing list

Component Directories

Adobe Flex Exchange



Components & Widgits

Adobe :: AutoComplete TextInput

Adobe :: Component Explorer

Adobe :: Flex Exchange

Adobe :: Masked Text Input

Adobe :: Scheduling Framework

Adobe :: Style Explorer

Andrew Oliver :: TimePicker

Andrew Trice :: ImageViewer :: Zooming, panning... :: More info

Arpit Mathur :: Showing XML structure in a Tree

Arpit Mathur :: Squarified Treemap :: More info

Ben Stucki :: Audio Visualization :: More info

Bill White :: Peak Panel :: Page turning, like the iPhone's

Brendan Meutzner :: Dual Slider :: More info

Brendan Meutzner :: Google Finance'ish Flex Chart Range Selector :: More info

Brendan Meutzner :: AutoRefresh Component

Brendan Meutzner :: Time Entry Widget :: More info

Cahlan :: Uploading Files With PHP :: More info

Darron Schall :: AdvancedDataGrid :: More info

Darron Schall :: Closeable Tab Navigator Component

Darron Schall :: FlowLayout Container :: More info

Doug McCune :: Convertible TreeList :: Set the dataprovider once, then dynamically switch it between showing data as a Tree, text-only List, icon-only List, or a text and icon List

Doug McCune :: Horizontal Accordion Component

Ely Greenfield :: Animated DragTile :: More info

Ely Greenfield :: Chart Drilldown Animations :: More info

Ely Greenfield :: Chart Sampler :: More info

Ely Greenfield :: Display Shelf Component :: More info

Ely Greenfield :: FishEye :: More info

Ely Greenfield :: Interactive Bubble Chart :: More info

Ely Greenfield :: Interactive Calendar :: More info

Ely Greenfield :: Landscape Zoomer :: More info

Ely Greenfield :: RandomWalk :: More info

Ely Greenfield :: SuperImage Component :: More info

Ely Greenfield :: Variable Radius Pie Charts :: More info

Eric Cancil :: FlowContainer :: More info

Eric Cancil :: Super Accordion :: Multiple select, multiple direction, etc.

FlashComGuru :: Whiteboard Component

Flex in Motion :: Google Analytics Magic :: Add GA tracking to your Flex app

Grant Skinner :: Spell Checker

Hilary Bridel :: Spell Checker :: More info

Igor Costa :: Google Maps Component

ILOG :: Elixir :: Advanced data visualization component set "including org charts, gantt display, geo maps for dashboards, treemap charts for analyzing large data sets, 3D charts, and 2D chart extensions with radar charts"

James Ward & Latha Kondur :: Treegrid :: More info

Jason Fillman :: Imbizzi Appointment Calendar :: More info

Joe Berkovitz & Todd Rein :: URLKit :: URL Mapping / Bookmarking for your app :: More info

Josh Tynjala :: Auto Resizing Text Input

Kap Labs :: Diagrammer :: Kiviat (radar charts) :: Treemap :: Visualizer ("a set of tools to represent data graphically in an intuitive, simple, elegant and clear manner by combining visual effects, graph layouts and custom developer artifacts) :: and a set of Spark-based components such as auto-complete text input fields, collapsible panel, date-range selector, lazy-loading data grid, and much more...

Keith Peters :: MinimalComps :: Minimal AS3 UI Component Set

LC E-Commerce Solutions :: Paypal / Google Checkout component

LC E-Commerce Solutions :: Tacoma :: Flex-based online store

Mark Shepherd :: SpringGraph Component

Narciso Jaramillo & Jason Langdon :: Live Reflection + Blur :: More info

Nihit Saxena :: 3D Chart Prototype

Peter Ent :: Stack Components :: Like Accordians, except a) more than one child open at a time, and b) includes horizontal version, in addition to the more-standard vertical arrangement.

Renaun Erickson :: AdvancedForm :: Undo, redo, validation, etc. :: More info

Ribbit :: Ribbit Phone Component

Roman Dolgov :: Cascade List

Steven Peeters :: ActionScript Flex CAPTCHA Component

Ted Patrick :: Custom Preloader Component :: More info

Teoti Graphix :: EyeDropperFX

Teoti Graphix :: ResizeManagerFX :: Allows users to move and resize visual components :: More info

Universal Mind :: SpatialKey

Vasiliy Nuzha :: Korax Color Picker :: More info

WebGem :: Bar Code Reader :: More info

Yahoo Flex Components