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Technology :: Adobe Flex :: Rich Internet Applications

We've assembled these examples in order to give you an overview of the kinds of functionality Adobe's Flex 2 framework is capable of creating. Many of the examples listed here are incomplete, works-in-progress, proofs-of-concept, prototypes, etc. A few are complete commercial applications. You'll need to have Flash Player 9 installed in order to view most of them. If you have any suggestions or corrections please email us.

Source code for many of these examples is available. Many of the "More info" links below offer source code. Also, you can obtain source code directly from most of the examples linked to below by right-clicking on the Flex application, then selecting View Source from the context menu.

Adobe :: 2007 Amgen Tour of California TourTracker 2.0 :: More info

Adobe :: Dashboard :: Sales data analysis :: More info

Adobe :: FlexStore :: More info

Adobe :: Hybrid Store :: Flex working with HTML :: More info

Adobe :: JamJar :: Group collaboration service

Adobe :: Photo Viewer :: More info

Adobe :: Restaurant Finder :: More info

? :: Fauxto :: Photoshop-like image editor

Alex Styler :: Flex, Yahoo! Maps & RSS Feeds :: See the day's earthquakes, and more!

Amit Gupta :: E41ST :: Amazon/Library mashup :: More info

Andrew Muller :: Video Show & Snapp App :: More info

Andrew Trice :: Census Data Mashup :: More info

Andrew Wason :: MotionBox :: Video sharing


Ben Robinson :: CFMonitor

Bill Brittain :: Is2 Quickbooks Web Client :: More info

Christophe Coenraets :: Flex and JMS: Portfolio Viewer :: More info

Christophe Coenraets :: Google Maps Collaboration using Flex, Flash Media Server and AJAX

Coker Isaac, James Mark, William Ukoh :: Premeet Collaborative Portal :: An interactive RIA developed to foster collaboration and break-the-ice between conference attendees before the actual physical meeting

Daniel Hai :: Onyx :: Video Mixer :: More info :: Belgecom TV

Darin Kohles :: Diamond Selector

Darron Schall :: Just Freakin' Cool :: Commodore 64 emulator

David Brannan :: Exam Professor

Digital Positions :: :: Online jewelery store :: More info

eBay :: eBay Desktop

Ely Greenfield :: Flickr Roulette :: More info

Erik Loehfelm :: Haworth Product Catalog

EyeJot :: Video Messaging Service :: More info

Fairfax Business Media :: AFR Access :: Investment tool for Australian Financial Review

Fidelity :: Trading Knowledge Center :: More info :: A social networking site that allows users to create "personal pages where you can post pictures, upload video or audio and even draw or write stuff"

FTDG & StarNetSys :: Dow Jones Averages Interactive Learning Center

Gary Gilbert :: Photo Album

Graham Weldon :: Weather Information Service :: More info

Hilary Bridel :: Australian Weather Observations :: More info

in2M :: Mvelopes :: Personal budgeting

Intuit :: TurboTax Personal Pro

James Ward :: Flex Paint

Joe Berkovitz :: ReviewTube :: YouTube videos with time-bases captions - "a graffiti wall for YouTube" :: More info :: Source code

Joh. Enschedé :: Amsterdam Airport Noise Monitoring System :: More info

John Grden :: Xray Flash Debugger :: Start this test swf 1st :: More info

Josh Tynjala :: MXNA Dashboard :: More info

Kevin Ewoldt :: Quik-Schema Data Modeler

Kevin Kazmierczak :: SQLAdmin :: Open source on SourceForge

Laura Arguella :: ToDo List :: More info

Matthew Bergsma :: FlexPM :: Project management :: More info

MediaCatalyst :: Sony Ericsson :: Phone Store

Mindomo :: Mind Mapping

Mingjie Zhu :: Jawbreaker Game

Nahuel Forenda :: HomeLocator :: More info

Nationwide :: Savings & Investment Navigator

Renaun Erickson :: Flex Search Mashup :: More info

Richard Brownell :: A Short RPG Adventure

Rick Englert :: PicFindr :: Find copyleft picts :: More info

Ryan Mayberry :: Sudoko Game


Simon Barber :: MXNA Viewer

Stanley Marrder :: Xotel Frontdest :: Hotel reservation app

Ted Patrick :: TagTV :: Dev time = 8 hours

Thomas Gonzalez :: BrightPoint Dashboard :: Sales & profit analysis :: More info

Tim McLeod & Kevin Harris :: Lesson Builder :: More info

Tim Scollick :: Flickr / YouTube Tag Search

Tony Kirman :: I-Ching

Trenitalia :: Real-Time Italian Train Info

Zilun Gong :: Country Finder